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Welcome to CIL Circuits

With our partners in China, CIL provides its customers with efficient, effective, and responsive manufacturing and distribution capabilities, both domestically and overseas.

We understand that many customers require local content or highly flexible supply lines, and CIL is among the best at providing cost-competitive and highly responsive solutions from our domestic manufacturing facilities conveniently located in the heart of Sydney. Conversely, if you demand the cost savings and local market access of an off-shore solution, you can take advantage of our China-based affiliate to obtain low-cost sourcing and manufacturing, as well as in-region product distribution and after market services.

Since 1999, CIL has carefully built a global offering specifically designed to enhance our customers’ competitiveness. If competition demands that you aggressively reduce product cost to stay competitive, but you cannot devote the resources necessary to establishing international business relationships, CIL stands ready to support you.

CIL has established a lowest-cost affiliate manufacturing solution in Hong Kong and China that allows our medium-to high-volume customers to take advantage of low cost, high quality component sourcing and manufacturing, and provides our customers access to fast growing Asian markets via in-region product distribution.

We make it easy for you.

To insulate our customers from the communication, time-zone, and logistical challenges commonly associated with overseas manufacturing and distribution, CIL retains primary responsibility for program management between the customer and our overseas partners. When a customer selects CIL to manage their off-shoring requirements they can expect lower costs, higher margins, and improved volumes, without additional overhead and aggravation.

With years experience in working with China custom, CIL can manage the materials and finished goods in and out of China smoothly. In addition, we can also recommend the most effective carriers and forwarders to customers for their shipping requirements.

Our connection and experience in global sourcing and procurement, CIL can always meet with the pricing, delivery and minimize the inventory risk for our customers.